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Your First Visit to our Office
Dr. Gregory Dilger General and Cosmetic Dentist


Dr. Dilger and his staff will make sure that your first visit is a pleasant one. As you walk in the door you will be greeted warmly by our professional staff. Please enjoy a cup of coffee, bottle of water and some fruit while you fill out your paper work in our comfortable seating area by the fireplace.


To familiarize yourself with the office, we will take you for an informative office tour. Check out our 3,000 gallon saltwater aquarium fish tank, a favorite of our patients.


This is also the time that we can show you the different new innovative ways that dentistry can help you. You can benefit from our state of the art dental office equipped with:   


·        Digital X-rays (less radiation for you)

·        Microscope for high magnification (earlier detection of cavities)

·        Dental bone scanning (to help determine implant placement)

·        Implant technology (replace your missing tooth, stabilize your denture)

·        Cerec One appointment dental restorations (no temporaries!)

·        Periolase Dental laser (advanced treatment of gum disease)

·        VELscope oral cancer screening light (early dectection of oral cancers)


After the tour our dental team will dedicate one and half hours to give you the most comprehensive dental examination and diagnosis. This includes:


·    A review of dental and medical history       

·     Discussion of your dental concerns

·     A full mouth charting of existing dental restorations and conditions

·     Take and review digital X-rays as needed

·     A full evaluation of the health of your gum tissue

·     An oral cancer screening, visual, palpation

·     Pictures, both inside the mouth and facial views as needed


A thorough prophylaxis (often called a "cleaning") is usually done at this time, depending in the health of the gum tissue.   Our hygienists will also do a complete oral hygiene home care review for you with recommendations to   help get your mouth to optimal oral health. 

Dr. Dilger will then come in.   After a thorough discussion of your dental concerns and the hygienists findings, along with a complete microscopic tooth by tooth review of the oral cavity (the dental exam), Dr. Dilger will establish a treatment plan specific to your needs. He prides himself in knowing the up to date techniques and having the newest technology.   Combined with his thirty plus years of experience, Dr. Dilger can, in most cases, provide all your dental treatment right here in our office.  


At this appointment Julie, our treatment coordinator, will help you sort through the various treatment options available and work with you to help with financial arrangements, including dental insurance where applicable. 

Questions about financial arrangements?    Click Here


Ready to appoint?  Call Julie at (503) 378-0466, orClick Here to request an appointment.


Patient Testimonials

Dr Dilger and staff,


We found you via phone directory. My first visit to the office showed that you are people that care; about the patient, the experience the patient has, and the healing feeling that emanates from waiting area to the treatment rooms. My young teenage son loves to come here and now my married daughter and family come too- knowing they have the best in technology, from a group of folks that are very pleasant, to an environment just plain relaxing, to be, well, you relaxing as can be. Thank you 


Stephan & Jane F.



Dr. Dilger and Staff,


I never thought a dental experience could be so pleasant! It had been several years since I had been to the dentist and I was very nervous. The hygienist quickly put me at ease. She was very friendly, knowledgeable, and GENTLE. Dr Dilger was also great and I felt at ease with the work he was going to do. I would highly recommend this office to anyone. The entire staff is great and you will be treated like family. 


Maureen H.



Dr. Dilger and staff,


I am sitting in the chair watching the fish swim: and so glad I found Dr Dilger. His staff are so kind and efficient. I was just told my crown will be finished in "16 minutes". I look forward to the dental visits because I know I am saving my teeth. I have been coming here to have my teeth worked on since I retired 6 years ago. The service Dr Dilger performs is excellent. 


Joy B.



Dr. Dilger and Staff,


I was surprised at how quickly my dental work was done.  I really don't believe that there is anywhere I could go to receive better care. 


Everyone is always so thoughtful and kind.  You all are so patient. Thank you all so much. 


Sharon L. 



Dr. Greg, Bernadette, Jaime and Julie (of course), 


As you know....I dislike needles, drilling, pain and not having Nitrous, but my 3-crown visit last week was a near-painless event. No pain at all later and no sensitive spots-just like new!  Thank you again because I know I can be a wimpy patient (shh...people think I'm tough!)  




Mike A. 


PS. As always, Julie, your warm hospitality and caring are above and beyond the call. Thanks!! 



Dr. Dilger and Staff,


Thank you for providing me with professional, state of the art dental care. Having crowns made while you wait (in one sitting) is great.  Today, I met your hygienist. She did a great job cleaning my teeth with the new technology.  All your staff are friendly and personable.  This is the best dental care I have ever had. 




Patty L.



Dr. Dilger, 


This is my first time here-it was great!! Loved Haley-she was a jewel-so was Julie-you too!! 

See you again in 6 months. 


June P. 



Dear Dr. Dilger,


Just a brief note to let you know how deeply grateful I am concerning the professional services that you provided.  In addition, special kudos to your staff.  Not only did I find them to be highly professional and courteous, but also very warm and personable, an assortment of traits that reflect most positively on your practice. 




Eugene F.