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LANAP Post Op Instructions

LANAP Surgery Post Operative Instructions


Day of treatment until the first post operative appointment at one week. 

1      No toothbrushing or flossing in treated area. This is mandatory for proper healing.

2        Use Chlorhexidine rinse twice daily (pink mouthwash) we will give you a bottle to take home. Must be alcohol free version.  This is mandatory for proper healing.

3     Take Rx of Ibuprophen and Penicillin (or other antibiotic Rx) as directed until gone

§ Ibuprophen is not necessarily prescribed for pain, but for reduction of inflammation. This is mandatory for proper healing.

§ Penicillin is to prevent infection of the surgical site(s). This is mandatory for proper healing.

4        Soft diet, mild temperatures, nothing crunchy or hard (i.e. uncooked carrots, chips, or hard crusted breads). If you think something that you are eating may traumatize your gum tissues, or become lodged in your teeth or gums, do not eat it.  This is mandatory for proper healing.

             Examples of foods to eat:

§   Apple sauce

§   Mashed potatoes (let cool before eating)

§   Cottage cheese

§   Seedless yogurt     

§   Fruit or vegetable smoothies (use a spoon not a straw) add protein powder for meal replacement

§   Soft cheese

§   Tuna fish on very soft bread without seeds, nuts, or whole grains (remove the crust and cut into small pieces that fit in the mouth without biting into sandwich)

§   Scrambled eggs (cooled)

§   Oat meal (cooled)


5        No smoking This is mandatory for proper healing.

6        No carbonated drinks (anything that fizzes when opened, i.e. sodas, and sparkling water)  This is mandatory for proper healing.

7        No alcoholic beverages of any kind

8        Do not use a straw to drink with

9        Do wear your NTI bite appliance  This is mandatory for proper healing.


One week post operative appointment


1        Extra soft toothbrushing in treated area

§  Soft gentle circular motion

§  be careful to avoid the gumline

2         Continue the use of Chlorhexidine rinse

3         Continue soft diet and restrictions listed above  This is mandatory for proper healing.


One month post operative appointment


1        Add daily sulcular flossing (see flossing instructions page) to treated area, forever

2        Continue use of extra soft toothbrush

§  Start gently brushing the gumline

3        Stop using the Chlorhexidine rise daily

4        Start using CloSYS toothpaste and mouthwash twice daily

§  First brush with regular cavity control toothpaste of your choice or as prescribed by Dr. Dilger and/or your dental hygienist

§   Second, wipe CloSYS II toothpaste along the gumline on all areas of the mouth with toothbrush, then

§   Floss the CloSYS toothpaste under the gumline in sulcular method

§   Gently brush remaining CloSYS toothpaste along the gumline

§  Finish with the CloSYS mouthwash for 30 seconds

5        Continue avoiding hard and crunchy foods, carbonated sodas, smoking, alcoholic beverages, and use of a drinking straw.  This is mandatory for proper healing.

6        Make sure to incorporate high protein foods into diet

7        Continue to wear your NTI bite appliance This is mandatory for proper healing.


Three month post operative appointment


1        Continue home care and restrictions listed above

§  No smoking

§  No longer any dietary restrictions

2        Add a Sonicare brand electric toothbrush to daily routine

§  Angle toothbrush toward gumline

§  Clean all tooth surfaces


Six month post operative appointment


1        Add WaterPik to daily routine

§  Fill water chamber with warm water, and if you would like, add a small amount of CloSYS mouthwash

§  do not turn WaterPik pressure up past the minimum point (use the lowest power setting)

§  be careful not to damage your still healing gum tissues


Nine and twelve month post operative appointments


2        Continue postoperative instructions given for months one through six

3        Dr. Dilger and your dental hygienist will make adjustments to your treatment plan and home care regimen as needed. Some areas of the mouth may need to be retreated again in the future depending on the healing process. Diligent homecare will make a huge impact on the outcome of your LANAP surgery, as well as wearing your NTI appliance nightly to prevent clenching and grinding damage to the healing tissues in the mouth.  This is mandatory for proper healing.

4        You will be scheduled to see the hygienist every three to four months after the first year.




Please call 503-378-0466 or e-mail if you have any questions.



December 3, 2009

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Dear Dr. Dilger:


It all started with my initial phone call to Dr. Dilger's office. I felt so comfortable from the start and after I came in for my first visit it's been all about what I want and what Dr. Dilger and his staff recommends for me. All around, it's been the best dental experience I've ever had.


Al P.




Going to the dentist used to be a nightmare experience for me. That's all changed when I came to Dr. Dilger. Dr. Dilger's office staff are so warm and welcoming. Visiting them is like going home. Dr. Dilger's calm and caring manner erased all my dental anxiety and for the first time in my life I found myself relaxed in a dental chair. Dr. Dilger and his staff really took the time to get to know me and my concerns. They talked with me about my fears and helped me address my anxiety. Now I visit the dentist and I'm not afraid. I can not express the difference Dr. Dilger has made in my dental life! Thanks so much Dr. D.


Molly F.




I love my new smile.  It was so easy too.  Nearly pain free.  I am considering my lower teeth at a later date.


Debbie E.