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Hydrogen Peroxide: Uses and Safety

Questions and Answers about: Hydrogen Peroxide



·         What is hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, is a clear colorless liquid.  It is a non-prescription, over the counter solution. It is often used use as an antiseptic because of its oxidizing (oxygen releasing) effect. 


·         Is hydrogen peroxide safe to use as a mouthwash?

Yes.  The FDA has approved its use as a mouthwash. Many infections in the mouth are caused by anaerobic bacteria, and the oxygen released by the hydrogen peroxide will kill them. Use only the diluted 3% solution and do not swallow. (See below: How to use it safely)


·         Can I rinse with hydrogen peroxide everyday?

No. The  Massachusetts General Hospital recommends using only for a limited time as a part of treatment of a mouth infection.


·         What happens if I use for a long period of time?

According to Harvard School of Medicine, hydrogen peroxide rinse can damage cells and soften tooth surfaces.


·         Is it safe for children?

Yes. Children 6 years and older may use 3% hydrogen peroxide as long as they can do so without swallowing it.


·         What if I accidentally swallow it?

If you have swallowed the diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide (as described below), you need to drink a lot of water.  If vomiting, cramping and body pains occur, you need to call your doctor.  If you have swallowed the 35% concentrated solution, you need to have someone take you to the hospital emergency room immediately.


·         Do teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide?

Yes, most of the over the counter whitening solution and the in office power bleaching has hydrogen peroxide, and other peroxide derivatives in them.  The difference is the dental office bleach is a much stronger bleaching product.




How to use Hydrogen Peroxide Safely:


1.      Mix equal amount 3% hydrogen peroxide and water.

2.      It is more effective if you brush the teeth first

3.      Gently swish solution for 30- 60 seconds, and spit it out.

4.      Be careful not to swallow.

5.      Only use the diluted 3% over the counter product.

6.      Use only for mouth infection and the maximum of 7 days.

September 30, 2009

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