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Dental Services

We are a full service general dental practice. We do most common dental procedures. We do refer to specialists when appropriate. A few of the more common procedures are (Click on the highlighted links to learn more): 

Ø     Implants : Replace a single missing tooth without compromising any adjacent teeth, or replace multiple teeth without using removable appliances. More complicated cases may require referral to a specialist. 


Ø     Veneers: The fastest and easiest way to straighten, whiten or repair compromised front teeth. We use Lumineer brand veneers.  


Ø     Cerec onlay: The single visit porcelain restoration. Very conservative, and a good alternative to a laboratory crown in many cases 


Ø     Dental crown: A natural looking and long lasting way to restore badly damaged teeth. 


Ø     Dental bridge: The traditional treatment for replacement of a missing tooth. 


Ø     White filling: A metal free tooth colored dental filling 


Ø     Root Canal: Proper term is Root Canal Therapy. It is the removal of the infected tissue inside a tooth. Some complicated cases may require referral to an Endodontist (Root canal therapy specialist) 


Ø     Extraction: The removal of a non restorable or nonfunctional tooth 


Ø     Partial Denture: A removable appliance that replaces multiple missing teeth. 


Ø     Dentures: Removable prosthesis that replaces the entire set of teeth. 


Ø     Denture relines: Dentures need to be relined on a periodic basis. We will evaluate yours and determine if a reline will be right for you. 


Ø     Prophylaxis: Commonly referred to as teeth cleaning 


Ø     Gum tissue Treatment: We do treatment of gum disease. We treat early, moderate and early advanced periodontitis with our laser, and do frenum relief.  Other procedures such as grafting and flap surgery cases are referred to Periodondists (Gum specialists) 


Ø     Fluoride: We do fluoride treatments for prevention of cavities 


Ø     Bite appliances: We do the NTI-tss bite appliance for control of bruxism and muscle and joint pain relief. 


Ø     Splints: Splinting of teeth can be very helpful when there are loose teeth 


Ø     3D Imaging: We have available a 3D imaging machine in our office for your convenience. 


Ø    Bleaching: A whiter brighter smile for you! 


Ø     Oral Cancer screening: A very important part of your dental exam.


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Patient Testimonials


Dear Dr. Dilger,


I want to thank Dr. Dilger and his staff for all that you've done for me over the last two years. I have a much more positive feeling about my teeth than I ever have had in my adult life.

While a dental appointment still hasn't made my top five list of things I really love to do, you have made it as comfortable as I could imagine. I can no longer remember why I avoided it for 10-12 years. 

You have proven that politeness and efficiency are not opposite terms.  My self-esteem, as far as my teeth, has increased considerably.  I appreciate your professionalism and straight forwardness. 

You are one of the best dental staffs that I have encountered. 


Thanks for everything, 


Barry B. 




Dear Dr. Dilger,


I would like to thank all of you for the many years of wonderful dental care that you have given me.

I had the opportunity to compare dentists at another facility recently. Dr. Dilger, Julie, Bernadette and the rest of the staff are far and away the best team anywhere! You all are caring and have the patient's best interest at heart. I'm thankful for all of you. 


Mary H. 




Dear Dr. Dilger,


I want to say how really wonderful my teeth look now and what wonderful care I have received.


Elaine V. 



Dear Dr. Dilger,


This is my first time here-it was great!! Loved Haley-she was a jewel-so was Julie-you too!!

See you again in 6 months. 


June P.