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CloSYS: What it is and How to use it


CloSYS:  The First Scientifically Engineered Tooth Paste


The majority of Americans use toothpaste everyday.  With the help of a toothbrush, toothpaste helps clean and maintain the health of your teeth and gums.  It promotes good oral hygiene by the removal of plaque and food debris.  For an added bonus, fluoride and xylitol are active ingredients in toothpaste to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.


Toothpaste has been around for centuries.  The earliest known recipe came from Egypt in the 4th century A.D.  The Greeks and Romans improved these pastes by adding crushed bone and oyster shells but the popularity of toothpaste did not come until the 19th century.  In the 19th century toothpaste was made of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, which are still commonly used in dental care products today.


In 1914 fluoride was added to the toothpaste, but the American Dental Association (ADA) did not recommend fluoride in toothpaste until the 1950’s. Most products today have at least a small percentage of fluoride in them to help strengthen and make the teeth less susceptible to cavities.


In our office Dr. Dilger recommends not only using toothpaste that contains fluoride for prevention of decay, but also the use of CloSYS toothpaste for help with prevention of gum disease.


CloSYS toothpaste and mouth wash are America ’s first scientifically-engineered system of oral health care. The patented key ingredient is chlorine dioxide and is only found in the CloSYS home care line of products. CloSYS is the only oral health care product that kills 99% of germs and breaks down the volatile sulphur compounds that form under the gum line.  (The volatile sulphur compounds cause bad breath, and make the gums “leaky.”  They let the germs leak in, and the blood leak out.)  Most products merely kill bacteria, but do not break down the sulphur compounds, the waste product left by the bacteria left under the gum line therefore not eliminating a person’s bad breath and irritated/infected tissues. This is why it is necessary to floss with the CloSYS toothpaste rather then only brushing with it.


CloSYS toothpaste and mouth wash are:

  • Non-staining
  • Kills 99% of germs in 10 sec.
  • Alcohol free
  • pH balanced
  • Ideal for flossing will and use in an oral irrigating device
  • Low abrasive quality
  • Whitens teeth
  • Sugar free
  • Anti-plaque protection
  • Promotes healthy gums
  • Long lasting breath protection
  • No foaming agents (foaming agents have been linked to painful canker soars)
  • Lasts 4 times longer then other brands (less product required per use)


Dr. Dilger recommends that our patients use the CloSYS toothpaste in a specific way for the best results possible.


CloSYS instructions for use:

  • First, thoroughly brush all surfaces of your teeth with the cavity control toothpaste of your choice.
  • Second, place a small amount of CloSYS toothpaste on your toothbrush, and apply it to the gum line in all areas of the mouth including the insides of the teeth. Do not over brush; merely apply the past to the teeth. Do not rinse the CloSYS toothpaste off.
  • Floss, using whatever floss you like, with the CloSYS toothpaste still on the teeth. Make sure to work the floss, with the CloSYS tooth paste on it, under the gum line, and wrap the floss around the teeth. (see flossing instructions)
  • Next brush the teeth once again using the remaining CloSYS on the toothbrush.
  • Finish by rinsing with the CloSYS mouth wash.  I like to use the Sonic care tooth brush to work the CloSYS rinse under the gum line. Or use your water pik with a small amount of the CloSYS mouth wash mixed with water.

August 4, 2009

Disclaimer:  Occasionally we get free samples of ClosSys II to give to our patients                            


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It all started with my initial phone call to Dr. Dilger's office. I felt so comfortable from the start and after I came in for my first visit it's been all about what I want and what Dr. Dilger and his staff recommends for me. All around, it's been the best dental experience I've ever had.


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Going to the dentist used to be a nightmare experience for me. That's all changed when I came to Dr. Dilger. Dr. Dilger's office staff are so warm and welcoming. Visiting them is like going home. Dr. Dilger's calm and caring manner erased all my dental anxiety and for the first time in my life I found myself relaxed in a dental chair. Dr. Dilger and his staff really took the time to get to know me and my concerns. They talked with me about my fears and helped me address my anxiety. Now I visit the dentist and I'm not afraid. I can not express the difference Dr. Dilger has made in my dental life! Thanks so much Dr. D.


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I love my new smile.  It was so easy too.  Nearly pain free.  I am considering my lower teeth at a later date.


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