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Cerec 1 Appointment Restorations

We are proud to utilize the Cerec system for singleCerec appointment crowns and onlays. With this technology, your permanent crown canCerec be made in our office in just one visit. Cerec is a computer generated CAD-CAM in-office milling system for the fabrication of crowns.  The Cerec crowns are made of a special manufactured porcelain.  They are all porcelain so they have the highest esthetics, and because the porcelain uses a very fine grainCerec Screen shot particle, they have the best wear properties of all the materials we use to restore teeth.  They are bonded to the teeth for the best retention and decay prevention.  Where appropriate* it is our finest restoration.  And with Cerec there are no more temporaries while waiting milling unitfor that new crown to come in or additional visits to seat the crown.  It is all done in one appointment.   


 milling unit

*Cerecs are not for every tooth.  Single anterior crowns where traditional crowns are present make for an impossible color match.  And badly broken teeth often do not have enough tooth structure to support a Cerec restoration.  Teeth in the very back of the mouth, such as second molars, may not allow enough room for enough bulk of material for strength.  Ask any of our staff to see if a Cerec restoration is right for your tooth. 

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Patient Testimonials



Dear Dr. Dilger and Staff 


It's much easier to get a crown. The fact that it's only one trip and can be done in an afternoon. The fish in the aquarium are nice also-very relaxing.  


Tamra H.  




Dear Dr. Dilger and Staff 


The Cerec machine is the best invention in modern dentistry!  I love being able to have my crown appointments all in one sitting. I have received 3 crowns with the Cerec machine and have had no trouble.  


Amy B.  



Dear Dr. Dilger and Staff 


I was surprised at how quickly my dental work was done. I really don't believe that there is anywhere I could go to receive better care.  

Everyone is always so thoughtful and kind. You all are so patient. Thank you all so much.  


Sharon L.  

 Cerec befor and afterr