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Bleaching Products  

 Get A Dazzling White Smile!


In today’s world we know that people want whiter teeth. People stain their teeth unintentionally every day by consuming coffee, tea, red wine, and other colored food and drink. Bleaching, or tooth whitening is the common method of removing these stains. This procedure is very popular because it is quick, effective, easy, and affordable.  


The first step is choosing the right product. First, visit your dentist. This is an important step to brighter whiter teeth. After a thorough examination of your mouth, Dr. Dilger and his staff can recommended the appropriate whitening product for you.  


The first choice is to use either over the counter whitening Take Home Kitproducts (OTC) or professionally prescribed whitening treatments. Examples of OTC whitening systems range from toothpastes, paint on solutions, to white strips. They are not all equally effective. The toothpastes are pretty good at maintaining existing color, but are not powerful enough to change the color of the tooth. The paint on solutions are a little bit stronger. The bleach strips can lighten teeth, but take a long time. So they are all effective to a degree depending on your specific whitening needs.  


BkeachSapphire Professional Whitening is the system that our dental office offers. Previously called the Rembrandt Whitening, they are also the makers of Lumineers. The Sapphire system can whiten your teeth in two ways. One is a peroxide- based solution placed in a custom fitted tray that you will wear for one hour for approximately two weeks. The other option is the in office “power bleaching” procedure using the Plasma Arc light. This procedure is the most effective way to whiten teeth.

Ø This procedure uses the strongest whitening solution.  

Ø The Sapphire bleach solution is formulated to be activated by the Plasma Arch light. The light and the solution are manufactured by the same company. You will get better results because the whitening product and the light compliment each other.

Whether you want to use a professional treatment or an over the counter product, tooth whitening is still a simple, fast, and cost- effective way to improve your smile. We can help you chose the right product to use specific to your needs.

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Bleaching Products

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Patient Testamonials


Dear Dr. Dilger:


It all started with my initial phone call to Dr. Dilger's office. I felt so comfortable from the start and after I came in for my first visit it's been all about what I want and what Dr. Dilger and his staff recommends for me. All around, it's been the best dental experience I've ever had.


Al P.




Going to the dentist used to be a nightmare experience for me. That's all changed when I came to Dr. Dilger. Dr. Dilger's office staff are so warm and welcoming. Visiting them is like going home. Dr. Dilger's calm and caring manner erased all my dental anxiety and for the first time in my life I found myself relaxed in a dental chair. Dr. Dilger and his staff really took the time to get to know me and my concerns. They talked with me about my fears and helped me address my anxiety. Now I visit the dentist and I'm not afraid. I can not express the difference Dr. Dilger has made in my dental life! Thanks so much Dr. D.


Molly F.




I love my new smile.  It was so easy too.  Nearly pain free.  I am considering my lower teeth at a later date.


Debbie E.