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A Review of Power Toothbrushes

In the world of modern dentistry there are an array of specialized homecare products that can help our patients to improve their oral health. Within the category of homecare products we look at the assortment of power toothbrushes. Most people have considered using a power toothbrush, but look at the wide assortment sold, and are confused by the options available.

There are many types of power toothbrushes. The spin type, vibrating Crest Spin Brushtype, sonic, and flip flop type are some options available. In dentistry we use sonic technology with our ultrasonic dental cleaning device, and our ultrasonic bath used in the process of cleaning our instruments prior to sterilization. The use of ultrasonic waves to remove debris is not a new idea; it is effective.Rotodent

The spin type of electric toothbrush does a fairly good job removing plaque. It can be very difficult for the patient to learn how to use it properly. The spin type electric toothbrush can cause tissue trauma if not used properly, and does not integrate any fluid movement.
The vibrating type of toothbrush is similar to the sonic type vibration, but does not cause enough vibration to create fluid forces to change. The old flip flop type of electric toothbrush removed little plaque and easily caused tissue trauma. They did not cause any change in the fluid movement. That is why we do not recommend those styles of toothbrushes to our patients.

In our office we prefer our patients use a sonic type electric toothbrush. It is called Sonicare, and the newest version on the market is the Sonicare Flexcare. Sonicare is a well established electric SonicCare Toothbrushtoothbrush brand. It’s mechanism of action is both mechanical and sonic wave based. Mechanically the brush bristles remove debris where the teeth are touched with the brush. This is similar to that of a manual toothbrush with many, many more brush strokes. The sonic action works by generating high amplitude and high frequency bristle motion driving fluid forces deep between teeth and along the gum line. Research shows fluid movement up to 4 mm past the toothbrush bristles. This sonic motion also stimulates blood flow to the oral tissues, thereby strengthening the gum tissue. Patients are able to learn very quickly how to use their Sonicare toothbrushes, and therefore show rapid improvement in their oral condition. The Sonicare will not loosen restorations or orthodontic brackets.
Case studies show that Sonicare is more effective then a manual tooth brush as well as other power toothbrushes by:
• removal of plaque
reducing gum infection, and bleeding
more effective stain removal
has been proven to be gentle
 improved patient compliance
Personally I use the Sonicare power toothbrush myself (newest version the Flexcare), as well as my entire family, and most of my friends. I have seen a drastic Improvement with my niece, my father, and also my brother since they have started using their Sonicare brand toothbrushes.

My niece is 15 years old and in full braces, she always gets a good hygiene report back from her orthodontist that her mouth is clean. Those of you who have had braces know that is a very tough task to accomplish let alone for a teenager.
My father has a very severe gauge reflex and is only able brush about 30 seconds to 1 minute (not ideal, but that’s the best he can do). Every time I clean his teeth he has very little build up and tarter on his teeth, as well as very little bleeding and inflammation as compared to before he used his Sonicare Flexcare. The Sonicare has been his saving grace.

My brother has always built up a lot of tarter on his teeth, and normally has a yellowish-orange tint to his teeth due to his body chemistry. It has been this way ever since he was a small child. I hadn’t seen my brother in quite awhile because he lives out of state, and the first thing I noticed was his white teeth. I asked if he had bleached them and he said he did about a year prior, but attributed his white smile to his Sonicare toothbrush keeping his teeth cleaner. I could tell you countless other stories about patients that I have seen in the practice, but feel that you should try a Sonicare toothbrush for yourself.

September 23, 2009

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Dear Dr. Dilger:


It all started with my initial phone call to Dr. Dilger's office. I felt so comfortable from the start and after I came in for my first visit it's been all about what I want and what Dr. Dilger and his staff recommends for me. All around, it's been the best dental experience I've ever had.


Al P.




Going to the dentist used to be a nightmare experience for me. That's all changed when I came to Dr. Dilger. Dr. Dilger's office staff are so warm and welcoming. Visiting them is like going home. Dr. Dilger's calm and caring manner erased all my dental anxiety and for the first time in my life I found myself relaxed in a dental chair. Dr. Dilger and his staff really took the time to get to know me and my concerns. They talked with me about my fears and helped me address my anxiety. Now I visit the dentist and I'm not afraid. I can not express the difference Dr. Dilger has made in my dental life! Thanks so much Dr. D.


Molly F.




I love my new smile.  It was so easy too.  Nearly pain free.  I am considering my lower teeth at a later date.


Debbie E.